Pet Hot line – 24/7 Access

We treat our animals as a part of the family.
and rightly so. We spend billions of dollars, as
a nation, on designer dog and cat food,
adorable sweaters for the holidays, even their
beds can be hugely expensive.
But when it comes to regular Vet checkups,
we run screaming from the expense. We want
our domesticated animals to be healthy, right?
What can we do if the family dog gets an
upset stomach and acts buggy for a few days?
Online pet support can be a valuable tool to
help owners of animals to keep their loved
ones healthy. For pennies a day, you can
have a 24/7 access to a veterinary health care
professional for triage, questions, and
Welcome to the ACTNow Pet Pro line. The
ACTNow Pet Pro line has certified Veterinary
professionals standing by to answer your
questions, soothe your concerns, and help you
discern between an emergency or the need for
a regular Vet check.

What comes with my monthly
24/7 access to Pet Pro Support hot line
Holistic and Homeopathic proven remedies
to support your domesticated animal
Discounted pet supplements, medications
and referrals to affordable in-treatment
Current information on Pet Insurances
Concierge to help find a local, qualified
veterinary professional
Concierge to help find other resources
Trainers, Supplies, Specialty foods, and
other affordable accessories.

How does it work?
Call 866-ACT-5111 (866-228-5111)
-Press the Pet Pro extension.
Describe the current concern with your
pet. Relax and let the Pet Pro help you.